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Tax Preparation in Farmington

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Ken Allen, EA - Owner

Tax Law Practitioner

(Pictured with Monica, Brett (right), and Blake (left))

Licensed and Admitted to Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service

1-866-969-HELP (4357)

We are a Christian based company and specialize in resolving back and current tax liabilities.

We help good people get back on the good side of the IRS.  

It is our passion to help people get their lives back!

  • Full Service Payroll Processing

  • Bookkeeping

  • Business/Individual Tax Preparation

  • Tax Audits & Examinations

  • ​IRS Appeals Engagements

  • ​IRS Tax Collection

  • IRS Liens, Levys, Garnishments, Etc.

  • Specializing in Non-Filer Cases

  • ​Pre-Tax Court Litigation Support

  • ​Corporate & Business Tax Issues​​