As many of you know, I changed my last name from Pangelinan to Allen and I've spent countless hours trying to explain the reasons why I've done something so much out of the ordinary; something so unorthodox.  Well, now I can refer them to my website and it will help people understand.  I've had so many comments as to what people think when they hear that I've changed my name and although it provides a good laugh every now and then, it can be a little defaming, so clarity always needs to be approached.  For example, it's been assumed that I've changed my name to try to hide from financial crimes of my past.  This is of course not true.  I have never seen the inside of a jail cell (except when Monica and I went to San Francisco to visit the famous prison Alcatraz last summer) and have a trouble free past when it comes to any issues regarding the law.  As a matter of fact, my federal license to practice before the internal revenue service requires an incredibly clean legal history when trying to obtain this license.

It started out as a joke when Monica and I got engaged.  We joked about her having to learn how to spell and write my name and how our kids will have to do it and along with those jokes came the joke of changing our name to a shorter name.  That joke slowly turned into a possibility, then later into reality as our reasons for doing so became more and more of a positive thing.

The reasons below are in no particular order of preference.

Reason #1: Because we can.  We have the legal right to change our name.

Reason #2: Having a new name gives Monica a chance to become the first, the only, and the last Mrs. Allen married to me.

Reason #3: It's shorter, easier to spell, and will be less likely picked on as our kids grow up.

Reason #4: The new name gives me an opportunity to leave my old past behind and start a new life with my new bride and my new family.  2 Corinthians 5:17 in the bible says this: "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."  Changing my name gave me an opportunity to acknowledge a new way of living as a Christian.

Reason #5: My namesake isn't the proudest of names to be associate with.  I'll just leave it at that and let your imagination run wild.

Reason #6: The name that we chose to bear and pass on to our kids and hopefully our kids passing it on theirs and so forth, was a name that we can be proud of.  "Allen" is Monica's late biological grandfather's name.  Our grandmother, Judy Allen, is still with us today and is enjoying another Allen passing on the good name she has been proud to bear all these years.  Grandpa Earl Abbott Allen was a good man who loved his family and had a relationship with Christ.

Other biblical notes about the name change:

Name changes occur throughout the Bible. God sometimes changed people's names at a point in time which signified those people were entering a new time of God's promise. When He called Abraham and Sarah to come out from among all that they had known and start a new life, the process saw their names change from Abram and Sarai. You can read about the name change in Genesis 17.  Abram meant "exalted father" Abraham means "father of many nations". Sarai meant "my princess" however the name Sarah was reserved for royalty on a global scale rather than a local or family scale as Sarai depicted. These two name changes showed the expanded plan and promise God had for their lives

There are many name changes in the Bible, some were changed by God and some were changed by the people themselves to signify the situation of life they were in. God changed Jacob's name to Israel (Genesis 32), Simon was surnamed Peter in Mark 3, Saul was given the name Paul in Acts and the list goes on.

While God calls some to redeem their names, other people change their names to acknowledge the leaving behind of an old way of life and the beginning of a new way of life.  After prayer and discussion between themselves and Grammy Judy, Ken and Monica feel lead to honor the heritage of Monica's Grandfather Earl Abbott Allen, who passed on to Glory in the fall of 1989.   Monica is also changing the J of her middle name to Judith after her Grammy Judy.

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