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Daphne Lawler, Office Manager, Tax Professional

EA (husband Joe pictured)

A Maine native, Daphne is an Enrolled Agent with an Associates Degree in Accounting.  She began her tax career in 1994 while living in Tennessee as an office manager for a tax preparation firm.  She returned to Maine in 2000 and began working with Maine Revenue Services in the Tax Compliance Unit as a Senior Tax Examiner.  Daphne not only almost single handedly manages the regular payroll part of our practice, but her knowledge and experience gives us the much needed boost we've looked for to take our firm to another level of professionalism!

Monica Allen, Financial Advisor

Monica is definitely the beauty and the brains behind the operations at Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc.  She keeps our internal financials in order (which is a task in itself) as well as takes care of the kids and I, all while running her financial planning office here in Farmington, Maine.  She has a double Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Physics from Colby College and a BA in Engineering from Dartmouth College.  I'm super proud of her and can honestly say, we wouldn't be the practice we are today without her hard work.

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Our Partners

Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc. was founded by Ken Allen, EA in 2001 and is now based in central Maine after building a San Diego, CA foundation with satellite offices throughout the United States.  A San Diego native, born in Oakland, CA, Mr. Allen, a Math Major and a Business Minor from the University of Maine, with an Undergraduate Degree, BBA in Accounting from American Intercontinental University, a Masters in Taxation from Washington School of Law, started his "Tax" career, consulting for the largest firms in America.  Mr. Allen has serviced and contracted over 4,000 clients in offices in California, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi.  Clients in 36 states across the U.S., are currently being serviced by our firm.   

Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc. provides top-notch relief and resolution from the IRS and state taxing authorities.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc. has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

Relationships with local and national CPA's, Enrolled Agents, and Attorneys give us the edge when it comes to having the knowledge it takes to resolve your IRS problems.

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2005 to Present

I give all the credit and glory to my Father in Heaven, but coupled with hard, honest, and ethical work, I was blessed to purchase my own commercial building in Farmington, Maine where we continue to operate to this day with over 1100 square feet of office space.

Tara Hamlin, Administrative Manager, Bookkeeper

(husband Randy and her four grandchildren pictured)

Local to Western Maine, Tara makes sure our office is running as smooth as an office can run. She has a few decades of administrative experience and brings the kind of tenacity and work ethic an office like ours needs. She's the first to answer the phone when someone calls and handles about 95% of all client contact, so be careful about giving her a hard time because if you do, you may not be a client for very long. Tara's been a huge blessing to our office and as the face and gatekeeper to our practice, she's an integral part of our success each year.

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About Us


When I moved my practice to Maine, I took a chance, left the company in God's hands and started to practice in Maine out of a farm house on Rt. 27 in New Vineyard, Maine, just outside of Farmington.

"Representing taxpayers with integrity, authority & tenacity."

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At this time, I was blessed with an opportunity to rent a little 100 square foot office space from Foothills Management on Maine Street in Farmington, Maine.  I thought I was getting close to the "Big Time" on Main Street! :)  I loved it here!!!

Ken Moreland, Enrolled Agent, Tax Law Practicioner

Running our southern US satellite offices, Ken Moreland has the arduous duty of working in a city known for the best weather in the country!  With his BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas and his extensive accounting background, Ken brings to the company a much needed facet to our team.  Ken is the best friend and brother I've ever had and he literally started with us from the very beginning and is a big reason we are where we are today.