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For less than a cup of coffee a day, we could take

BOOKKEEPING off of your "to do" list FOREVER!


Benefits include:

  • NO MORE DATA ENTRY/NUMBER CRUNCHING - NO more late night and long hours of Data Entry
  • INSTANT BACK UP - Books are instantly backed up - no more lost data from computer crashes
  • NO MORE EXTENSIONS - Books will be available and ready for Tax Preparation as soon as the first part of the year!
  • NO TAX OWED SURPRISES - Reconciled weekly!  You'll know exactly where you stand (how much tax owed) at any given moment throughout the year!
  • PEACE OF MIND/TAX-READY - BOOKS will be authored by a licensed accountant.....this will be as close as you'll ever get to having AUDIT READY books that should stand up against even the most critical IRS exams.  No more worrying about whether you are properly categorizing expenses or whether or not something is even tax deductible at all.
  • REGULAR ACCOUNTANT COMMUNICATION - Talk to us throughout the year.  CALL, EMAIL, FACEBOOK CHAT, FAX, MAIL, SMOKE SIGNALS, OR STOP IN! It's like having a personal assistant at your disposal.  Many accountants and those in the legal services field miss the boat by limiting communication with clients in favor of billable hours.  In most cases and in our experience, the more the communication, the better the books, thus the better the "TAX" experience for both the client and the accountant.
  • INSTANT ACCESS ALL YEAR/CLEAN FINANCIAL REPORTS - Keep your banker, accountant, business partners, etc. in the loop with instant secure access.  You will have instant and secure access to your Profit & Loss Report "YEAR TO DATE" at any given time throughout the year.  View on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer via the internet so no need for expensive software to buy or download.
  • LOCALLY and IN-HOUSE BASED - your books are personally handled by people in OUR PHYSICAL OFFICE here in Farmington, Maine!

Knowing where you stand throughout the year helps you make important decisions like:

  1. Do I make a substantial investment into my business this year? (new equipment or vehicles)
  2. Am I paying in enough tax estimates?
  3. Should I put more money into my retirement?
  4. Budget considerations.
  5. PAYROLL considerations.

Fees start at $75/month and will depend on the amount of bank accounts and credit cards we'll track as well as the amount of transactions you do throughout the week/month on average.


Is there a contract?

NEVER.  Attempting to force a client to stay on or pay fees to leave is not a good business move in my opinion.


Can I cancel at any time and are there cancellation fees?

Sure.  See the Answer mention above.  There are NO cancellation fees.....we'll go a step further and make the move away from us as smooth as possible if for some reason the relationship isn't a good fit.

How do I pay your fees?

We will work with you on ANY way to pay our fees.  We typically do an automatic credit/debit or check-by-phone draft weekly or monthly and will email you receipts after doing so.  But, we too, are a small business and can take any form of payment in all the most traditional ways; cash, check, credit card/debit card or check over the phone, or paypal.

Is it secure?

We take security VERY seriously and our physical location and it's cyber/computer security is handled and managed by the PROFESSIONALS at Harbor Digital Systems, Inc. located in our home state of Maine.  For a detailed or a more technological response, the folks at Harbor Digital Systems, Inc. will be glad to answer your questions regarding OUR security here at Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc. but in short, our data is backed up locally on site and off site and our network is monitored and secured. 

Are you a licensed accountant?

We are.  One of the things that frustrates me in this business is when one simply hangs up a shingle without any professional licenses or education and attempts to handle HIGHLY COMPLICATED accounting needs and charge a fee to boot!  Most people that know me know that I am a true capitalist and believes, cheers on, and love it when people  go into business for themselves, however, there are certain industries in which a certain amount of professionalism and education is required; accounting and tax prep is one of them in my humble opinion.

We here at Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc. are FEDERALLY AUTHORIZED TO REPRESENT YOU BEFORE THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and our licences are policed and administered by the US Department of Treasury.  The principle, Ken Allen also holds a BBA in Accounting as well as a Masters In Tax (MST).

Will you work with my accountant or tax preparer?

Sure.  We have no problem working with another professional even if we also provide those services as well.

How fast do you respond?

Typically, our goal is to give you a response within 24 hours.  If by phone, facebook chat through our company page, or a physical visit, we'll probably talk to you right then and there!  But there are sometimes periods throughout the year in which response times may not be ideal.....we only ask that you be open with us with any issues you may have that you are not happy with and we'll be sure to accommodate the best we can.

Can you give references?

The same courtesy and confidentiality we provide you, we also provide every client that walks through our doors.  We do have a CLIENT TESTIMONIAL page that we try to update each year where you can see REAL LIFE testimonials from our clients.  Click HERE for the page.

Why can't I do my own books?

You can.  People have been doing there own books for years and there will always be those that continue to do their own books.  Here are a couple of points to consider if $17/week is too much to bear for your business:

1) You are not a licensed accountant.

2) You will not have the same experience/knowledge as a firm that does it for a living.

3) You will primarily be culpable for any tax preparation categorized/other errors (not your preparer).

4) How valuable is your time; should you be focusing on making money and not reconciling or doing data entry?  If you took your bookkeeping time and put those same hours in your business, would you make more than $17/week?

Do I need to send you anything?

Nope.  Expenses that are not run through your corporate accounts will need to be communicated to us.  Often times you need to pay cash for certain business expenses.

What do I do with my physical receipts and bank statements?

Just hang on to them and file them away in case you need to reference them for such a time as an exam.

What software do you use?

We'll primarily recommend using a Quickbooks online account, which is INCLUDED in your monthly fee.  We purchase the account as an authorized retailer and pay for it ourselves.  There are other up and coming Quickbooks competitors that we'll gladly use if you have a preference; Xero, Intacct, FreshBooks, Netsuite, etc.