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Ken, I appreciate the articulate and precise handling of my annual returns.  You and your staff are the best.  Sincerely,

RJ Maine 2018

We want to thank you guys for doing an awesome job again with our taxes.  Our needs have drastically changed since we started going to TRS!  Our needs have always been met!

S&AH Maine 2018

Thank you for the many ways you have been a pleasure to do business with for a number of years.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

SR Maine 2016

I found Ken and his Tax Resolution Specialists by listening to the Dave Ramsey Show.  Even though I wasn't local to his area, we were able to conduct business through the email and on the phone.  He and his staff were VERY responsive.  I was in a scary spot with owing money to the IRS.  I had a large debt forgiven that was going to be counted as income.  I knew I needed an expert to handle it!  Ken was able to amend my current taxes (2014) and a previous year's taxes (2013).  Even though I was going to get a large tax bill, Ken was able to break it down for me and help me understand my options with dealing with the IRS.  He and his staff really have the hearts of teachers.  Thanks so much for making a difficult situation more manageable!  I've been a repeat client every since!

LS Maine 2016

We have switched to QuickBooks Online.  Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc. is the best.  They can turn many hours of bookkeeping into few, experiencing less time in the office.  We are so glad to have made the move to let them handle our bookkeeping and payroll.  Wish we had done it sooner.  Thank you!!

E&WP Maine 2016

I sincerely appreciate the excellent job your staff did handling my State & Federal Returns.  You may count on me as a repeat customer.

RJ Maine 2014

Thank you Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc. for your superior service in preparing our tax documents again this year!  WE appreciate the quick turnaround to submit our tax information with college applications by February 15th!  your office staff is very prompt in all our contacts.  Thanks so much for providing great service.

R&LB Maine 2014

I would like to say that Tax Resolutions has just prepared my last 4 years overdue/unfiled taxes and to my surprise, the results were very satisfying and it has taken a huge load off of my mind.  Thanks again Ken & Michelle for a speedy & VERY SATISFYING experience!  See you next season.

DN Maine 2012

I have only been going to Tax Resolution Specialists for the past 2 years. Ken makes our lives much less stressful at tax time. Thank you Ken for your professionalism and promptness when filing our taxes. You're the best!!

J&WP Maine 2012 

Tax Resolution Specialists, Inc. is our family's tax reliever! We have come to you for the last 4 years for tax preparation. Ken has welcomed us, his staff courteous, met with us for our initial consultation(s) need-be, and answered all of our questions. One year, while out of state for the tax season, he worked with us by phone and email. He helped us close a business one year, and the next year, researched and applied substantial educational credits. Most helpful is the annual TaxWatch sheet, noting which expenses for us to track. We appreciate all you do and value your commitment to a process well done. Thanks so much for making tax season less of a burden.

R&LB Maine 2010

"We have done business with you for years and wish to Thank You for your prompt, friendly and informative service. You and your staff make filing so much easier as we know you are very thorough and that our taxes are always done properly. Thank You so much!!!!" 

KE, IE Maine 2010

"My wife and I have been going to TRS since we relocated to Maine. Not only are they very knowledgeable on taxes, they have been extremely helpful with information on starting our farm business. I have tried several tax software programs but we have always done better with Ken. TRS really rocks!"

SH, AH Maine 2010

"Ken is great.  I can call and/email & he always answers.....and I ask A LOT of questions. Taxes, forms and regulations are his specialty.  Ken and his staff are calm, competent and they also have a great sense of humor!  It is a pleasure to do business with them."

JH, Maine 2009

"Since employing TRS to handle my tax preparation, I have enjoyed peace of mind knowing they are done accurately and very timely.  The staff is also very friendly."

RM, Maine 2009

"You were able to get my past 10 years taxes straightened out and got me back on track!  Now I will file my taxes every year.  Thanks so much, Ken.  You’ve been great and non-judgmental."

RH, Maine 2006

"This is our second year using TRS.  We are very happy with all the knowledge and services Ken has provided.  Last year, he not only provided
excellent service for the current tax season, but he also went back and amended the previous year (which we had attempted to do ourselves) to get us the return we were entitled to.  He also gave us helpful hints that year, which made this year easier.  We will continue using TRS because we get quality service and a low-stress tax season."

SS RS, Maine 2006


"At TRS they know my name and the name's of my family; we're NOT just a number.  You are greeted with a warm smile and the service is awesome!"

EC, Maine 2006

"Throughout the process, I was very impressed with Ken's professionalism, timeliness, and supportive attitude.  He really kept us on track and his knowledge and experience made an otherwise difficult task seem possible."

AB, Maine 2006

"I was trying myself by way of Turbo Tax and became so frustrated.  The deadline was approaching and I was desperate to file an extension.  I looked
up a tax preparer endorsed by the Better Business Bureau and that is how I got Ken's name and number.  After getting off the phone with him I found out everything I needed to know and he didn't even charge me for his advice.  I would highly endorse this person.  Thank you!"

KOM, Georgia 2006

"Ken is such a wonderful person to work with.  Ken saved us so much money by taking our deductions from our business.  I will only ever use Ken.  I have recommended Ken many times to many people.  Thank you, Ken!"

VB JB, Maine 2006

"Dear Mr. Pangelinan, I want to thank you so much for your invaluable services. I was lost when it came to my financial affairs and you really spent time with me and helped me to understand what needed to be done.  You also were the only one willing to work with me on a payment plan which I sorely needed since I am on a fixed income.  I can't tell you how much I appreciated that as it made such a big difference in my budget.  I wouldn't hesitate to always recommend your business. Your work is excellent.  Thank you so much.  Sincerely yours,"

 FMR, Maine 2006

"For years I have dreaded the navigating of IRS forms at tax time - I have a simple life and I am a hardworking (female) taxpayer with one job and a small farm, just trying to build on the American Dream.  I had a feeling I was missing something and I didn't know or understand all I could about IRS tax laws and, most importantly, how they apply to me.  When I heard about Taxrelievers from a friend, I learned how to take charge!  Taxrelievers helped me to work through my records and confirmed that I have been overpaying on my returns. Through the process, I secured a nice refund and, most importantly, I am now more educated about a tax system that used to intimidate and overwhelm me.  Thanks Taxrelievers - I can't wait to file my 2005's!"

KBB, Maine 2005

Client Testimonials