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Did you KNOW?

Do you tend to lose paper work?

* 2,000,000 – The number of documents that will be lost by the IRS this year.

More than 80 million people call the I.R.S. Information Hotline phone number every year. One-third of those calls go unanswered. And, according to the Treasury Department itself, 47 percent of the answers the 'get-through' callers receive are incorrect.

Do you have any enemies?

3200 = The number of threats and assaults IRS agents experienced over a five year period.

It costs $13.7 billion to run the IRS annually.

17,000 = The number of pages in the current Tax Law.

5,557,000 = The number of words in the income tax laws.

569 = The number of tax forms available.

If the IRS lined up each paper it received, it would circle the globe 36 times, every year!

293,760 = The number of trees it takes each year to supply the 8 billion pages of paper used to file income taxes.

653 = The number of minutes (nearly 11 hours) the IRS estimates it takes to fill out a 1040 form.

72 = The number of inches of height of the stack of tax forms in the Chrysler Corporation's tax return.

Can you say, “Balance Your Checkbook”?

$24,000,000,000 = The difference between what corporations said they owed and what the IRS said they owed in 1992 -- a gap the government admits is due to ambiguity and complexity in the code.

Do you trust your Account / Tax Preparer?

46 = The number of wrong answers Money magazine received in 1998 when it asked 46 different tax experts to estimate a hypothetical family's 1997 tax liability.

$34,672 = The difference in liability between the highest and lowest incorrect answers among the 46 professionals who failed to calculate the tax liability of Money magazine's hypothetical family.

$610 = The amount the hypothetical family would have overpaid on its 1997 taxes if it had used the answer that came closest to the actual tax liability (assuming, of course, that Money magazine's expert had filled out the tax return correctly).

45 = The number of professional tax preparers who came up with different answers when asked by Money magazine in 1997 to fill out a hypothetical family's 1996 tax return.

45 = The number of professional tax preparers who came up with wrong answers when asked by Money magazine in 1997 to fill out a hypothetical family's 1996 tax return.

76 = The percentage of professional tax preparers who missed the right answer by more than $1,000.

$58,116 = The difference between the lowest estimate of the family's tax bill and the highest estimate in Money's survey of tax professionals.

$81 = The average hourly fee charged by the professional preparers who came up with the 45 wrong answers.

Are you one of these?

$127,000,000,000 = The amount of taxes not paid as a result of tax evasion.

10,000,000 = The number of people who unlawfully do not file tax returns.

3,500,000 = The number of people who do not file who would be eligible for refunds. Perhaps more than any other number, the millions of people who fail to file in order to claim their tax refunds reveals just how intimidating the tax code has become.

25 = The percentage of households with incomes over $50,000 that would pay an inaccurate assessment from the IRS rather than fight.

The IRS is quite strict with taxpayers who make mistakes, but the following examples illustrate that it would have a hard time living up to the standards imposed on taxpayers.

1,300 = The number of IRS employees investigated and/or disciplined for improperly viewing the tax returns of friends, neighbors, and others.

50 = The percentage of top IRS managers who admitted they would use their position to intimidate personal enemies.

80 = The number of IRS agents referred for criminal investigation on charges of taking kickbacks for fraudulent refund checks.

109 = The number of envelopes containing unprocessed information found in the trash at the IRS's Philadelphia Service Center.