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$3,500 = The amount one woman was forced to pay twice, even though the IRS eventually admitted the debt had been owed – and paid – by her former husband.

$210,260 = The amount the IRS tried to garnish from the wages of a woman for the back taxes her husband had owed before their marriage.

$26 = The amount the IRS seized from a 6-year-old's bank account because her parents owed money.

$70,000 = The amount demanded by an IRS agent who was threatening to send a couple to jail in a case that the tax court subsequently dismissed because the IRS's claim "was not reasonable in fact or in law."

$6,484,339 = The amount demanded by the IRS from the family of a victim of Pan Am flight 103, based on the assumption of a future settlement.

$900,000 = The amount a small businessman was fined after being entrapped by his accountant, a paid informer for the IRS.

$5,300,000 = The amount the IRS paid its informants in 1993.

33,984,689 = The number of civil penalties assessed by the IRS in 1996.

10,000 = The number of properties seized by the IRS in 1996.

750,000 = The number of liens issued by the IRS against taxpayers in 1996.

Polls show that the IRS is the most feared of all agencies in the US.  It’s also the largest and most expensive.  

It’s larger than the CIA, FBI, and DEA combined.